Exploring History at the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site in Greeneville, TN


Nestled in the picturesque town of Greeneville, Tennessee, the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site is a testament to the tumultuous era of Reconstruction following the American Civil War. This site commemorates the life and legacy of the 17th President of the United States, Andrew Johnson, and offers visitors a glimpse into a critical period in American history. Learn more here.

Preserving a Presidential Legacy:

The Andrew Johnson National Historic Site encompasses several key locations, including the Andrew Johnson Homestead, his early home, and the Andrew Johnson National Cemetery, where the president and his family rest. Learn more about Niswonger Performing Arts Center: A Cultural Gem in Greeneville, TN.

Visitor Experience:

Visitors can explore the Homestead, furnished with period-appropriate items, providing an immersive experience of Johnson’s domestic life. The adjacent Visitor Center offers exhibits detailing Johnson’s presidency, highlighting his challenges during Reconstruction. Guided tours and interpretive programs further enrich the visitor experience.

Political Turmoil and Legacy:

Andrew Johnson’s presidency was marked by political turmoil, including clashes with Congress over Reconstruction policies. The site delves into the complexities of his presidency, shedding light on the struggles and controversies that defined this chapter in American history.


The Andrew Johnson National Historic Site invites history enthusiasts and curious minds to step back in time, unraveling the layers of a pivotal period in the nation’s past. A visit to this site provides a nuanced understanding of Andrew Johnson’s life and the challenges faced by a nation striving to heal after the Civil War.