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Greeneville TN Family Paving is proud to serve Greeneville, TN and the surrounding areas with our professional road paving services. We are a fully licensed paving company with years of experience in the construction industry providing excellent asphalt paving. We offer a multitude of various asphalt installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Services We Offer

We offer start-to-finish asphalt services for roads and city streets. Whatever stage your existing pavement is currently at, we can upgrade it to a fresh, smooth asphalt road surface that is a credit to your community! Our highly-experienced asphalt paving contractors are skilled at installing new asphalt pavement and repairing asphalt surfaces, and offer services such as:

Whether you need new pavement installed, or want a quote on resurfacing your current road, we can help! We offer free estimates and strive to offer affordable and competitive pricing on all of our services.

Serving the Entire Greeneville Area

We work with homeowners associations, apartment complexes, and town home communities to upkeep roads and parking lots in their community. We also work with property owners on private road paving projects. Getting it just right is important, and we work closely with our clients to make sure we understand their vision. We’re your Greeneville experts to trust for any asphalt work you may need.

How Prompt Repair Can Save You Money

You know that potholes and crumbling can pose safety hazards to both pedestrians and drivers. But did you also know that by repairing issues sooner, rather than later, you can actually save money in the long run? When you have asphalt patching performed in a timely manner, you help prevent further damage from occurring. When potholes form, it may seem like a static problem, but moisture enters in through the broken pavement surface. This water infiltration can wear away at the sub base causing a bigger issue. Our paving contractor is happy to stop by your community to evaluate your road, parking lot and other asphalt pavements to provide a free quote.


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Professional Asphalt Services

Private Road Paving

When you are considering paving options for your private road, call us for an estimate on asphalt! Asphalt is a reliable, durable surface that provides great traction during extreme weather. It also won’t wash away with heavy rains and is a top choice for large paving projects because it is inexpensive and quick to repair.

HOA/Community Road Paving

We are happy to work with homeowners associations and private communities to offer top notch new asphalt paving and maintenance services. Your residents’ safety is important and smooth asphalt surfaces are a great asset to your community. Call us for a free quote for your townhome, apartment, or neighborhood today!

Road Repairs

When potholes, crumbling, or cracking appear, reach out for a free, no-obligation quote. We offer asphalt patching, repairs, and resurfacing to restore the smooth surface of your road. Don’t let holes and uneven surfaces ruin your driving experience! Hire our experienced contractors to perform solid, long-lasting repairs and crackfilling.

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