The All-Inclusive Playground in Greeneville, TN: A Haven for Play and Inclusivity


Greeneville, Tennessee, boasts a gem that celebrates inclusivity and fun for all ages and abilities—the All-Inclusive Playground. This remarkable facility has become a beloved destination for residents and visitors alike, offering a safe and welcoming space for everyone to play and interact.  Information can be found here.

A Playground for All:

The All-Inclusive Playground is designed to cater to individuals of all abilities. Its carefully planned layout ensures accessibility with ramps, wide pathways, and inclusive play equipment like adaptive swings and sensory stations. Children with disabilities can enjoy the same play opportunities as their peers. See here for information about Exploring Greeneville’s Rich Heritage: Greene County History Museum.

Innovative Features:

This playground is not only accessible but also innovative. It features cutting-edge play structures, such as interactive water features, musical instruments, and inclusive sports areas, all designed to engage children’s senses and stimulate their creativity.

Community Engagement:

Greeneville’s All-Inclusive Playground reflects the community’s commitment to inclusivity. Local organizations, businesses, and volunteers played a crucial role in its development, showcasing the town’s dedication to creating a more inclusive environment.

A Symbol of Inclusivity:

The All-Inclusive Playground in Greeneville, TN, stands as a symbol of a community that values diversity and ensures that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can enjoy the simple pleasure of play. It serves as an inspiration for other towns and cities to embrace inclusivity in their public spaces.